WALK THROUGH (The first 50 turns)

You start off with a few resources like gold, textiles, wood and stone. DO NOT WASTE THEM! You first must plan carefully how you are going to spend them so you do not run out in future. Here is a rough guide of what you should do with your first 50 turns...

When playing Aegis it is important to identify what your province needs. Providing these needs for a comfortable growth is the key to success of your game.


At the start of the game, you will have 100 peasants. Go to the population menu and assign the unemployed peasants to the existing jobs. In the population menu you will see there is a MAX number of workers per job, this is the maximum you can employ for that particular job until you build more of those types of buildings. As you have an excess of unemployed workers, fill in all the jobs. Make sure you fill in all the farmer positions as these produce food and you will need all the food you can get. Once you have filled in the slots with the desired number of workers, hit the set jobs button at the bottom. Now your people are set and you are ready to start with the constructing of your buildings.

Now go to the CONSTRUCTION menu and in the unitary tab, build one acre of construction yard. Fill in the new acres text box with 1 and press set build order. The necessary stone, wood and textiles are removed to build this new acre and the job is set. Now you must assign the builders to the job. Type 10 in the workers text box for that job. This should allow you to have 10 builders at your disposal. These builders should have been assigned previously in the population screen. Now end the turn.

Press the END TURN menu link. Once you press END TURN you will be given a summary of the results of your last turn.


Warnings are given in yellow text while emergencies are given in red. You should pay special heed to these. You will notice that there are several warnings such as 'No stone is being cut'. This is a problem we will have to resolve in future turns to come. You may also notice that the amount of food being consumed is greater than that amount being produced. This is an immediate problem and plans should be made to balance this out as soon as possible. We will work towards figuring out the food problem in the next few turns.

To produce more food we need to assign more farmers in the POPULATION screen. Unfortunately you have already assigned the max number of farmers to the job. To increase the max number of farmers, you will be required to build more farms. This way you will be able to fit in more farmers, thus providing more food output. *Remember the more people you have the more food consumed.

At the moment you are building a construction yard, so you will have to wait for that to finish building. About 4 turns should do the trick.

Press end turn 4 times and observe how your builders are doing. When they finish the construction yard a message should show in the report stating that the job has been finished. It should be in green.


You should now have your construction yard. This means you can have 5 more builders working for you. Go to the population menu and assign the builders, you should have a max of 15 builders. Now go to the CONSTRUCTION screen and build 1 acre of farm. Assign the 15 builders to the job.

Once you have done this, go to the 'Plans' tab of the construction menu. Here you can plan for different building, which you can build later acre by acre. At the moment you only have plans for the farm and the construction yard, but you will need a lot more buildings to make your city function properly. Planning requires textiles, gold and planning points.

Let us start by planning a school. Click on the START PLAN button in the school row. Plans are created by scholars, which are assigned in the population menu. Now that we have a construction in progress and the planning for a school, let's end turn. Press end turn and you will see that your scholars and builders are working on the selected projects.


Your scholars should have finished the school plans by now. Next go to the 'PLANS' tab in the construction menu and select START PLAN button in the textile mill row.

Press end turn.


Build another farm. Start plans for a lumber mill after the textile mills are finished.


Build another farm. You should now see that the total amount of food is exceeding the amount consumed. You will have to build a few more farms before you can produce more than what you're consuming.

Start plans for a Quarry.


As you have your food resource under control, you now can worry about other resources, which you should be lacking by now unless help was received from kingdom mates. In the last 10 turns you have been planning a lumber mill, a quarry and a textile mill. Please remember to assign your people to the following jobs. These produce wood, stone and textiles respectively. It is very important for the growth of your province that you always have a good supply of these resources. Ideally, you should plan to have 10 of each in the early turns before your reserves run out. If your reserves run out you would then have to wait many turns for materials to come in, or slowly building these 'resource producing' buildings.

It is a good idea to increase the size of your construction yards. This will allow more builders and you will be able to construct acres more quickly. So produce 4 - 8 more acres of construction yards. It is also a good idea to build a few schools as this will allow you to employ more scholars, which will make planning larger buildings faster. In the mean time you can plan a market, which employs merchants. Merchants on the other hand, generate gold.


By this turn you should have a decent amount of builders 30 - 50 and scholars. Start building on the main resource buildings, the lumber mill, the quarry and the textile mill. Try to build a minimum of ten acres for each building. It would now be a good idea to plan the barracks. This allows you to employ soldiers, which will become very useful when your province gathers net-worth.

Provinces below 30,000 net-worth are considered under protection and cannot be attacked by other players. Net-worth is the sum of all your assets and your total worth in the game. It is recommended that you join a kingdom after surpassing the 30,000 thresholds, as independent provinces that are just starting out would have a difficult time defending from attackers. Once you joined a kingdom you must serve as a vassal for 200 turns after which you are free to stay or leave, as you please. If you do not serve your 200 turns you would be not be fulfilling your service there. Therefore, 50 reputations (honor) would be paid and all your trade caravans would be lost.

The advantage of joining a kingdom is that the king offers you his protection by extending part of his army in your defense. If you go to the KINGDOM SCORE menu you will see the different kingdoms you may choose from to join. The protect value represents how much of the king's army will ride out in your defense in the event of an attack on you. Thus kingdoms with a greater protect percent are usually more popular.

If you decide at any time that you can hold your own against others, you may start your own kingdom and have others join your reign. May luck be with you after this!


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