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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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Spies are necessary to obtain information about other kingdoms and to realize all sorts of unconventional missions which will become vital to your kingdoms well being.
Spies will gather information or act as assassins, you choose their mission type, but you must be aware that some missions are more dangerous than others and that in some instances; If your spy fails he may be caught and terminated.
Apart from the 'SPY', we also have the 'AGENT', who is really the anti-form of the former. To protect you kingdom from enemy covert operations, you must have agents. Agents protect you against all spy operations.
Your spies must undergo a process of recuperation and re-training so always watch the 'TRAINING' score in the spy table. If this reaches 0%, your spies will not be able to realize any other operations. The training score increases every turn, but lowers after every mission.
Agents will strive to protect your lands from spies, but you must distribute resources to these entities so that they can perform their jobs accordingly. The greater your lands, the more agents you will need to infiltrate spy networks. The spy table shows a protection % beside your agent score. This represents how much protection is offered against covert attacks. The higher the better, if it is not high enough, you must employ more agents. If the protection is sufficient your agents will manage to stop operations, but with a few more resources at their disposal they might even capture enemy spies.
Spies and agents have an upkeep per turn in gold. This can be seen and adjusted in the 'MERCENARY' screen.
In the 'SPY' screen you can select different missions for your spies. Each mission has a specific goal and as such different levels of difficulty. The easier the mission, the more chance your spy has of success. Although success is mainly dependent on your adversaries agent protection, easy missions carry bonuses which negate your adversaries chance to catch your spy. The opposite applies to difficult missions.
Info Missions EASY Plague MED
Kill General XTREM Burn Crops HARD
Kill Officer HARD Disrupt Missions MED
Spy V Spy HARD Fire Storm VHARD
Spy V Agent HARD Cold War VHARD
Propaganda MED Destroy Missions HARD
Conversion MED Deflate Economy VHARD
Defamation VHARD    
Bribe Mercenaries XTREM