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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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In the 'POPULATION' screen you may choose how your civilian population is distributed. This works closely with the 'CONSTRUCTION' as workers must populate certain types of buildings to produce resources effectively.
Everything you need to know is detailed in the population table. From total numbers, skill and max workers to what is produced by specific jobs.
Workers who specialize for a long time under one particular job will gain skill points. These workers produce more effectively than novice workers. To grant an idea of how important this score is, one must take into account that a master worker can produce 4 times more than a novice. If you change workers from one job to another, their learning process re-starts and all must be re-learnt. So it is good practice to settle workers under a particular job for as long as is possible to obtain maximum efficiency.
Remember to distribute a portion of your civilian population to the 'SOLDIER' section. These can then be trained into your regular army later.
The maximum number of workers that can be allocated to a job is dictated by the number of acres specifically built for that particular mode of work. So for example, if you wish to allocate more farmers and you are already at your maximum farmer count, you would then have to build more farms. Building more work-place, increases your max worker count.