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This section displays the amount of protection and control the monarch has over his lands. A good kingdom will have a high number of outposts and thus an elevated bonus percentage of protection for all provinces.
The monarch alone can finance and build outposts. These outposts represent a bastion of defense against possible attackers. Every outposts adds a 1% bonus to the player's assigned 'Monarch's Defense'. A kingdom may have a maximum of 1 outpost for every vassal. The greater the number of outposts the greater the logistic value and flexibility of the Monarch's defense; Thus the protection over his entire kingdom.
An attack on any province affiliated to a kingdom will be defended by a combined force composed of the province under attack and a percentage of the monarchs's army. This percentage is determined by the vassal's Monarch Defense. So the monarch will ride out with part of his army to defend in battle on any of his provinces.
Vassals will usually seek out a kingdom where the monarch puts out most of his army in defense of his kingdom, thus a monarch will have to have a good 'outpost' network.
Outposts cost 1000 gold each to maintain per turn.