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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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Officers are necessary in an army to keep morale and discipline. In the 'OFFICERS' screen you may obtain this army type to control your conventional army. An officer will help increase fitness per turn.
Although officers can conduct an army efficiently, you may choose to commission a 'GENERAL'. This special officer will raise the condition of any army way above the normal, but beware losing a renowned general can cause disastrous effects upon morale. Generals are prime targets for spy assassins! A general will increase a troop's fitness per turn.
Officers and especially generals have a relatively high upkeep per turn.

Additionally, officers add 30 offensive points each when your army attacks. This makes them a vital element in any warlord's attack plans. To obtain this officer bonus you must attack with 50 men per officer you wish to use. The game will calculate how many soldiers you use in a given attack and use 1 officer per 50 of these men as a maximum.


Example: You have 20 officers. This gives you +2 fitness per turn.
If you attack with 326 men, 6 officers will join your battle, giving you an additional 180 attack points.
(1 officer per 50 attacking men. 30 attack points per attacking officer.)