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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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In the MERCENARY screen you will be able to buy mercenaries to battle and work for your kingdom. A good economy ensures power through these entities as a lot of good can be bought with gold.
Mercenary troops are always 100% fit to defend or attack, which holds a great advantage over conventional troops. The downside is they will only work for gold. A mercenary employer must pay an initial sum to purchase their services, which is followed by a gold upkeep every hour. Further, if a player wishes his mercenaries to participate in an attack, he must pay them an extra sum. There is no additional cost if mercenaries are called upon to defend your lands.
Along with all available mercenaries you may also purchase the services of spies and agents here. These are also gold intensive and only give their loyalty to gold.
There is a maximum number of mercenaries you may hire at any given time. This is calculated by the number of mercenary camps you have built. When you enter the 'MERCENARY' screen, you will be given details as to the maximum number of mercenaries that you may employ. This score is counted in gold and is the total sum of the cost of all mercenaries employed by you. You may not employ more mercenaries than the total allowed.

Mercenaries are paid automatically every hour, so you have to make sure you have enough gold to pay them during the hours you will be away from the game. The game server will deduct your gold and pay the mercs, but if you run out of gold, mercs will simply abandon you for another that can pay their wages.

Spies and agents are paid per turn unlike normal mercs that are paid per hour.

Mercenaries can only be used to attack if your reputation rating is positive. i.e. over 0. Mercenaries can be employed and used in defense at any time, regardless of your reputation score. Attacking using mercs will lose reputation. The amount lost ranges between 1 to 3 points of reputation. Depends if you attack a province smaller or larger than yourself and if you win or lose. The only ways to win a reputation point is to attack a larger target without the use of mercs, or defend successfully against the attack of a larger province. In both these cases the attacker and defender`s IP must be different or no points will be gained.