Aegis is a huge fantasy world where players asume the role of leaders and strive to better their province through battle, magic, and politics. Aegis is a MMORPG amongst the best of its class, with thousands of players online. We have an active community with chats, forum and where role playing is much the order of the day.
  The game is totally browser based and FREE. You do not need to download or install anything. Features include, icons, graphics, over 50 troop types and 70 buildings to choose from, unlimited game play and endless world(we do not reset).
  To play, all you need to do is go and fill in the registration form, this takes 2 minutes and you will need a valid email. Once this is done you are ready to log in and enjoy the game!
  You may see SCREENSHOTS from the game here.
  You may visit our Aegis info pages here.
You may view our game guide and rules here.