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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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It is possible to send trade(Caravans) to other provinces on other continents(Servers). Select the province name and its destination in the TRADE MENU. You should select -Inter Continent, on the trade type menu. Trading through ICT will cost you 15 caravans per lot sent. The sending and receiving parties in an ICT transaction must both have `CITY HARBOUR` built.
ICA(Intercontinental Attack). Provinces can attack other provinces on different continents(Servers). The following restrictions apply to these type of attacks.
  • -Provinces must pay a fleet expense in gold and wood indicated in the war menu page to launch an ICA.(Not necessary with ICA ACT)
  • -Networth attack restrictions apply at 85%.
  • -Conquest attacks are not permitted. Only plunder, enslave, and raze attacks are allowed.
  • -There are no spy options available for ICA.
  • -A troop must be over 81% fit to take part in an ICA
  • -An ICA reduces a troops fitness by 30%.(Reduced to 20% with ICA ACT)
  • -An ICA war win will gain you one `GOD FAVOUR` point for that continent
  • -An ICA war loss will lose the continent 1`favour` point.
  • -To gain `GOD FAVOUR` for a continent, the continent must lead in points. These points are shown on the Main menu page.
  • -`GOD FAVOUR` points are reset every 24 hours.
  • -A favoured continent gains +20% population influx and +20% food growth for all its provinces.
  • -ICA attacks are shown on the chronicles page. There is a filter for this available also.
  • -Benefits of ICA... Plunder and enslave attacks +40%