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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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If you are a king or you belong to a particular kingdom, then you will have options under the 'CROWN' screen. If you want to join a kingdom, search the 'KINGDOM' list for a good candidate and then go to the 'CROWN' screen to join.
If you are a vassal you will be able to see who is in your kingdom along with a few details about them. You will also get an option to leave the kingdom. Beware; every vassal must serve a period of loyalty when he joins his kingdom, leaving before this service is up will hold your province in great shame. If you have served your period you may stay or leave at any time without penalty.
Leaving before your term is up as a vassal, will cause you to lose reputation. Provinces can also be banished from a kingdom by their king which will also cause a loss of reputation. A province which leaves before its time or is banished will lose all its trade caravans.
If you are the monarch, other options will become available to you in this section. Amongst these is the option to drop any province that you may not like or is not acting according to your rules. If you drop a province, this province will lose its membership in your kingdom and will not be able to return for a given period. If the province is reduced to a single member or less and is not chartered, the kingdom will be auto deleted after a period of a few days.
Monarchs may view a list of all the kingdom members on the 'CROWN' page. This list also allows the king to distribute the 'Monarch's Defense'. A Monarch decides how to distribute his defense by assigning a percentage amongst his vassals. A Monarch may choose not to distribute any defense to a particular vassal, in which case this vassal will remain undefended by the Monarch. Assigning defense does not remove a king's own defense. If a king gets attacked directly, he will defend normally regardless of his Monarch defense distribution.
Every outposts adds a 1% bonus to the player's assigned 'Monarch's Defense'. A kingdom may have a maximum of 1 outpost for every vassal and these must be bought and maintained by the monarch. Additionally other game items such as ACTs may give similar bonuses to the assigned 'Monarch's Defense'. These will be highlighted in the 'CROWN' page and the bonus totals added to the appropriate column (MD) in the kingdom's vassal list. The Monarch has full control over these bonuses and has the option of disabling them for specific players if the need arises. This can be done by choosing the correct combination of tick boxes in this same list.
After serving a period, the Monarch may retire his crown and pass it on to a kingdom member. This province will then be promoted to Monarch status, whilst the old monarch retires as a vassal under the same kingdom.
The king has access to information about all the provinces in his kingdom, information that would otherwise be unavailable to provinces without the use of covert ops and spies.