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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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To evolve your city further you must create buildings which will define your main strategy. A building will dictate what type of resources or production you may keep. To build a certain type of building you must first get your architects to plan it, later you may build these building from your architects plans.
To plan a building you need to have architects and sufficient resources. The resources needed to plan a building are gold and textiles. Once you pay your fee for the plans, it is simply a question of time till these are produced. As you progress in turns you will be told of the progress your architects are making on the project.
Once you have the plans for a particular building, the option to build will be made available. You may then reserve 'NEW ACRES' and build any number of acres of that particular building. You must have the materials per acre, to build the project, so the more acres, the more materials you will need.
Once the project has been defined, you must assign workers to the task. The more workers you assign the faster the project will be completed. You will be informed every turn on the 'END OF TURN' screen of your workers progress.