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Aegis is a free massive multiplayer strategy game, if you want to see what it is all about click here
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The auction house offers great opportunity for traders and players who wish to obtain or sell excess resources. The auction house can be a source for much needed resources or simply a way to sell those extra tons of goods which would otherwise sit and decay in your warehouses. Having a near sure source of resources available in the auction house can allow players to opt for more radical production solutions, such as specializing in an exclusive production and selling part of this to obtain a general spectrum of other resources.

The rules of the auction house are straightforward. You may trade basic resources such as wood, textiles, stone and food in exchange for gold. You may put up wares for bid, or you may bid on existing trades. There is a list of available trades. You can participate and try to win any of them by simply bidding over the current high bid. When you top a bid, your name will appear beside the bid meaning that you are the current high bidder. Each trade has an expiration time shown in MINUTES left telling when the trade closes. If you are the high bidder at trade close, then you win the trade and will be given the goods.


Once you place a trade, you may not withdraw it. The product will be removed from your inventory and taken to the market where it will remain for a day at auction. At trade close, if there were no bidders, 95% of the resources will be returned to you, the Auction House will keep the remaining 5% as payment for the service. If the trade is sold to a bidder, 98% of the money is given to you. The auction house will charge a 2% commission for their valuable service.

When you bid for a trade you must enter the trade reference number along with the amount to bid. This amount must be over the current asking price to win the bid. If you win the bid you will own the position and may win the trade at trade close. When you bid you must have the money that you intend to bid. If the bid goes through, the money will be taken from your account until you either win the trade, or are overbid. If you are overbid, the bid money is returned, enabling you to re-bid at full buying power.

The following restrictions apply to auction houses in Aegis:

  • -Money laid on bids are removed from your account and held till bid ends or you are over bid.
  • -Market Tax removes 2% gold on all closed trades.
  • -Market removes 5% resources on a no sale, on account of storage fee.
  • -Max bid is 100 gold per resource unit. First 100:1 bid ensures win of trade. -You can only offer a maximum of stock equal to your land size x2 per day. -Provinces with same IP count as one entity.
  • -New bids over 1000 gold can only bid 10% over current bid value.
  • -You are only allowed a maximum of 10 trades at any given time.